Zephyr Cannabis

Zephyr Cannabis was created by founder Ryan Vail in 2020, and officially opened its doors in 2021. Long an enthusiast, Ryan decided he wanted to bring a new approach to cannabis culture that’s built on service, knowledge and loyalty. Zephyr Cannabis isn’t just about moving the merchandise, it’s about community and relationships.

“Zephyr is about coming together as a community and changing the way people view cannabis.”

– Ryan Vail

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to change the perception of cannabis long held by society. That means helping people fully understand the history and culture of cannabis to educate and encourage everyone and anyone to explore the possibilities. In taking a wholistic approach, we plan to open hearts and minds to the benefits and pleasures cannabis has to offer.

Employee Spotlight

Henry is a musician, gym goer, and cannabis enthusiast. He entered the world of budtending to better educate himself on the ins and outs of cannabis, and is ready to pass that knowledge onto you. Whether you’re looking to get creative, relaxed, active, or just hit the couch and watch a funny movie; our lead budtender will help you get the most out of your cannabis experience!